Joceline Akgun

Joceline Akgun

"I love working with my sister, it feels safe to know that she’s always by my side."

I had always dreamed of having some kind of role in leadership. I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do, I only knew I wanted it to be something creative. I come from a family full of hairdressers and every summer I worked in my relative's salon, but to really work as a hairdresser never compelled me. I wanted something else.

My sister Nathalie started her first Creative Headz salon at the same time that I moved to USA to study psychology and business. Two years after I moved back to Sweden, it was time for Nathalie to go on parental leave. She asked me to step in and manage the salon for the period of time she would be gone. This was ten years ago and my role has evolved through the years, from what people thought was the receptionist, to the acting CEO.

Pretty quick I found my place and I realized that my interest in psychology was an asset to develop the company. It's all about understanding the customers’ needs and behavior. I developed a couple of different strategies that would result in more bookings and purchases. Within a year, we could see results.

We have expanded our business at a breathtaking pace and today we have 12 salons and around 50 employees. The toughest period was when went from five to ten salons in seven months. It was a job around the clock and not everything according to plan, but it was all about adjusting and learning from experience.

I really love working with my sister, you know you always have a backup and we complement each other in a very good way. The collaboration between me and my sister is that I develop the business ideas and Nathalie is the creator who takes it from there and implements the concept at all hairdresser shops.

The only negative consequence of us working together is that we often continue to talk about work in our spare time, but we are getting better at setting boundaries. However, we are still sisters and we have our disputes like everyone else, but they pass quickly.

Our salons are a reflection of our personalities and music is an important part our lives. It creates a relaxed, happy and familiar feeling for both customers and hairdressers. Music makes everyone happy and we love to have fun together!

As the business have grown, I have also grown as a person and a leader. I have learned so much. One of the biggest traits I have developed is patience. No matter what obstacle I meet along the way, I’ve learned that within time, everything will sort out.

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